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It’s Time for Import Regulations on Turbine Parts to Become Obsolete

It’s Time for Import Regulations on Turbine Parts to Become Obsolete

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as General Electric, Siemens and Westinghouse are notorious for pushing upgrades through:

  • Limited initial manufacturing runs
  • Discontinued product lines

However, technological developments enable the salvage, refurbishment and reuse of turbine control and excitation circuit boards with consistent quality, while increasing reliability and availability. The inspection and repair technologies now allow indefinite life extension on controls – otherwise doomed by OEMs planned obsolescence.

What does this mean for plant owners?

  • Longer equipment lifespan beyond OEM support
  • Reduced environmental waste
  • More reliable equipment
  • Millions of dollars saved
  • Control over budget and hardware


However, the benefits of using repaired or refurbished parts are not felt everywhere. Legislation in some countries actually prohibits the import of refurbished parts.

These regulations force certain countries to unnecessarily spend millions on new equipment and waste time waiting on new parts and installation, resulting in financial and operational losses for local turbine users in not only the power generation industry, but also in oil and gas, steel, paper, chemical and other process industries.

As a company supporting power plants around the world, we believe it’s time for these regulations to become obsolete.

Local infrastructure preservation programs and state-owned facilities in these regulated countries need to spearhead efforts by petitioning “special custom channels” to regulators, allowing the import of refurbished parts for turbine control and excitation circuit boards. 

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