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Customizable Training on Speedtronic™ Basics

This customized course is designed to enable new trainees, graduates and onsite operators to understand the basics of GE Heavy Duty gas turbine features and how the Speedtronic Mark V controls system governs the critical parameters.

The program will cover gas turbine construction, support systems and the basics of controls and maintenance. The course is designed to provide a solid background in turbine governing systems and generators. Participants will increase their skills in relating machine operating requirements to Speedtronic controls.

Course Duration: 5 Days

Course Outline

Gas Turbine Control Fundamentals

  • Gas Turbine Principles of Operation
  • Governing System Requirements

Introduction to Heavy Duty Gas Turbines

  • GT Components
  • Operating Systems
  • Auxiliary Systems
  • Video (Major Components of the Gas Turbine)
  • Description of Piping Schematics
  • On-Base Fuel Gas System
  • On-Base Fuel Oil System
  • Lube Oil and Hydraulic Oil Systems
  • Cooling Water System
  • Cooling and Sealing Air
  • Diesel Starting Engine
  • Accessory Equipment
  • Air Inlet Filters
  • Introduction to the Speedtronic Controls System
  • Instrument Field Devices and Device summary
  • Introduction to Major Control Loops

Mark V Panel Hardware

  • Panel Layout
  • Cores, I/O Cards, Terminal Boards
  • Basic Troubleshooting Tools

Gas Turbine Control

  • Startup/Speed/Temperature/Acceleration Control Loops
  • Protection Controls

Control Displays

  • User Defined Display and Display Programs

Software Tools

  • Difference between <I> and HMI Software
  • Data Acquisition on Mark V Interface
  • Animation Displays (Creating Simple Display)
  • How to Interpret Sequencing Using Dynamic Rung Display


  • Gas Turbine Process and Diagnostic Alarms
  • Easy Approach to Mark V Panel Systems Alarms
  • Using Rung Display for Fault Finding

Generator Control and Excitation

Synchronizing and Loading