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Spare Parts for GE GENERREX Excitation Systems

GENERREX excitation systems were a high performance design for large steam turbine generators installed from 1975 to 1995. The 49 installed systems consisted of two major design types but shared the use of three-phase, water-cooled, P-Bars wound into the generator stator to provide excitation voltage. No external AC power source was required.

The first generation compound power source (CPS) system was comprised of large excitation transformers and linear reactors mounted in the generator dome, a set of water-cooled rectifier bridges and an analog voltage regulator. Later units shipped as power potential source (PPS) systems. These units replaced the excitation transformers and linear reactors with a power potential transformer mounted in the generator dome or on the generator lagging, fed by the P-Bars.

The OEM has declared the obsolescence of the GENERREX excitation system. GTC carries a significant inventory of spares and can perform repairs to avoid a costly excitation control system upgrade.

Our Spare Parts and Services Include:

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